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This is the second part in first date tips for guysa long post on first date tips for men.

Part 1 can be found here: First Date Tips for Guys login. In the previous installment we talked about a few things that would AdultFrinendFinder create a better first date environment for guys.

In the previous post login we discussed:

General First Date Guidelines
Specific first date ideas on where AdultFriendrFinder to take the girl
First date rules to live by
The importance of rapport for the first date.
Hopefully you have (or will) check out that post. Once again, it can be found here: First Date Tips for Men Part I

This lesson should round out and finish up the important discussion on first dates and get you to the 2nd and 3rd dates, which are actually far more important to the long term success or failure of a relationship.

This first date lesson shall discuss:

What is the “next” step on AdultFrienedFinder login first dates
Making things sexual
How to transition to another date
There is a lot to cover, so lets get going.

If you read the last post you should know login by now the purpose of the first date is not set up a “next” for the first date. It is simply to set up a second date.

If you goal for a first date is simply to get in a girls pants, then good luck to you… you might succeed sometimes, but in the long run your first date success will often be quite poor.

There are going to be first dates that go great. There are going to be first dates that go horribly. There are also going to be those first dates that go, “well enough” for a second. Your object is to turn the good and fairly good ones into second dates. And cut your loses when applicable.

First date result #1: It is a horrible date

You may feel something wasn’t “right” and want to “try again”. Avoid this. Say a pleasant good by and move on.

Just because your personalities didn’t mesh, do not feel reviews there HAS to be another date to give it a ‘better shot”. Just move onto the AdultFrienedFinder next girl. Save yourself the time and the money.

Cut your loses before you invest too much in a losing hand.

Since you kept your first date short, and relatively inexpensive at login, niether of you have invested “too much” in the experience. It is far better to move onto the next girl.

First Date Result #2: It was a great date

Now if the date went great, remember there are still many great reasons to keep the date short. to build anticipation for the next date.

Are there exceptions to this rule? Of course. If you try to end the date and the girl makes it clear she wants to do more perhaps, “take you to her place” then by all means, break this rule.

But sometimes following this rule may even spark the interest and excitement to get that invitation for…more.

First Date Result #3: The date kinda sucked

Most first dates are going to end more ambivalently. You may see some things you like in her. She may see things she likes in you. You like her enough to try again, and she the same. It is perfect time to simply set up another date.

This next date can be a lot more personal. A lot more fun and exciting. You have already done the sanity check. Chance are a second date can easily turn into a third and so on. Try to build a little attraction and mystery with her. Set up another date and call the date done.

Always leave her wanting more.

As a general rule, trying to angle for sex on the first date can be a bad idea. It is best to assume it is an impossibility and let the girl give you strong signals to the contrary.

That is not to say you shouldn’t test, “some” sexual chemistry. It is important to differentiate yourself as a potential “boyfriend” and “date” rather than just a “friend” from the outset.

To start with compliment her in a vaguely sexual manner. By this I mean let her know you think she is attractive and that you are attracted to her. It absolutely never means you should say, “you have some really incredible looking boobs”

(I know a guy who used that line once)

As a “rule of thumb” try to compliment her on things she has control over. Like fashion and accessories, rather than simply genetics.

In other words, “your earrings really make your blue eyes sparkle” is far better than “you have nice blue eyes“. It is a subtle but important difference.

After compliments make sure you have initiated some contact. This doesn’t mean you tongue has to go down her throat, but some gentle touching, even if it is casual and “innocent” is essential to at least get her thinking of you as a potential sexual partner and not just a cool, “friend”.

Remember by no means do you have to have sex or even kiss on the first date. Kissing can be good though, but do not wait for an awkward, “goodbye” kiss. Try to get one earlier, or just wait for the next date, as long as you have built up some sort of sexual chemistry.

Before wrapping up the first date you HAVE to make concrete plans for another. If she puts you off, there is a chance she simply is not interested.

Hopefully on the date you have achieved a comfort level of teasing her a little bit. (another good way to build attraction) To transition to the second date bring up something you have talked about and put it into a “date” perspective.

For instance if you find out that she has an “odd” love for bowling, tell her you want to take her out bowling on XXX date. If you have talked about her love of Italian food, either ask her to come to your place for a “home cooked meal” or go out to an Italian restaurant. -Pretty much depending on HOW good you think the date has gone.

Of course if things are going, “really” well, get her to change location. Ask her to go to some “other” place with you. Subtly this seems a little bit like a “second” date on the same night as the first.

You run some risks of putting too much into the first date, but there are, of course, also obvious rewards.

There not too much to the whole first date thing. Hopefully you have gotten some use out of this two-part First date tips for men article.